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Improving Patient Satisfaction, One Patient at A Time

At Oakdale ObGyn, we understand you have choice(s) for your health care. That’s why we are committed to delivering the best quality care to each and every patient. And to assure we’re delivering on that commitment, we regularly gather information from our patients about our performance and look for ways to do a better job.

To date, our team is proud to say that 89% of our patients say they would recommend us to a friend or family member. That’s a vote of confidence we strive to live up to daily.

Read Comments from Some Happy Oakdale Patients

“I would like to comment on a health care provider I saw at Oakdale ObGyn. Her name is Kim Plessel. I saw her because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes [during pregnancy]. I had one appointment with her and since have had several emails…

I cannot express how incredibly helpful she is. In the last 2 months I have been trying to get answers that my regular clinic has not been able to get me but Kim did it within a week even though it had nothing to do with why I saw her. She constantly did this, she consistently went above and beyond anything I have ever experienced in a healthcare provider. Her support with my new diet is absolutely incredible; she shared ideas and helped come up with strategies and most of all was supportive and never made me feel bad even when I was frustrated. Her support has made a world of difference to me and I wanted to share this with the [clinic] because I feel that it is important information.”

>> Ashley S.

“I wanted to write to share my experience(s) with Kelly Ihry. In short, Kelly is a fantastic nurse practitioner/medical provider. She LISTENS, she’s patient, and she’s kind…

I started seeing Kelly while I was pregnant – she was the first person my husband and I met with at Oakdale, and we/I kept returning to her for all the visits because she was so down to earth and practical. Finding a healthcare provider is scary – they see us when we’re our most vulnerable (in more ways than one). However, because of my experience with Kelly, I really feel heard, and understood. Please make sure she knows how valuable she is. All women should feel as comfortable with a provider as I do with Kelly.”

>> Kacey G.

Patient Satisfaction Data

Our clinic gathers patient satisfaction data from a number of sources:

It’s our hope this move toward greater transparency will confirm our commitment to you and help you make more information decisions about your health care choices.

Refer Friends and Family

We’ve built a reputation as an exceptional team who delivers extraordinary care, every day. Suffice it to say, we are not ordinary ObGyn: 99% of patients rate their provider as exceptional and 97% rate their provider communication as excellent. Refer a friend or family member and receive a $30 gift card to Reflect Salon as our way of saying thank you.

Fairview Physician Associates Data (2019)

Pie Chart: 99% of patients rate their provider as exceptional.
97% of patients rate their provider's communication as excellent.

How long has your provider cared for you?

< 6 Months1 Year1-3 Years3-5 Years5 Years or More

How many times did you visit this provider in the past six months?

None1 Time2 Times3 Times4 Times5-9 Times10+ Times

How often did this provider explain things in a way that was easy to understand?


How often did this provider seem to know the important information about your medical history?


How often did this provider show respect for what you had to say?


How often did your provider spend enough time with you?


When you contacted this provider’s office during regular office hours, how often did you get an answer to your medical questions that same day?


When needing a check‐up or routine care from this provider’s office, how often did you get an appointment as soon as you needed?


When needing care right away from this provider’s office, how often did you get an appointment as soon as you needed?