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It isn’t uncommon to have aches and pains during pregnancy. Your changing body, body mechanics, and hormones all can contribute to low- or upper-back pain, hip pain, and other health concerns that include constipation, urine leakage, and pelvic pain.

Connect with our ObGyn physical therapist. Our ObGyn physical therapist brings advanced training, skills and sensitivity in caring for the unique needs of women during and after pregnancy. Physical therapy is a non-surgical way to help you manage muscle and joint conditions related to having children.

Our ObGyn women’s health physical therapist cares for:

  • Low-or upper-back pain during pregnancy
  • Hip, groin and pelvic pain during pregnancy
  • Post-baby discomfort and reconditioning. This may include restarting your exercise program safely after baby and concerns about sex post-partum.
  • Bladder leaking and other pelvic floor concerns, including constipation

Many physical therapy services are covered by insurance. We encourage you to check with your insurance plan. For an appointment with ObGyn physical therapist Charet Pelkey, call 763-587-7000.

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