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Knowing what to expect after you’ve had a baby can sometimes be a challenge. It’s good news that friends and family often are great sources of tips and strategies post-baby, as are our providers at Oakdale ObGyn. As the adage goes, there is never a dumb question.

Article: Learning to Care for My Newborn Was a Humbling Experience,, Oct. 22, 2017

After-care immediately after baby into the weeks and months beyond your delivery can go a long way to helping you heal and recover from pregnancy, labor and delivery.

When You Leave the Hospital

The hours, days and weeks after delivery may include some discomfort and pain. According to our providers, new mom recovery must-haves when you leave the hospital may include:

  • Pads and mesh boy shorts, for postpartum bleeding and comfort around your tummy.
  • Padscicle, a combination of pad and ice pack, for swelling between your vagina and rectum (perineum). This little icepack can help reduce swelling.
  • Perineal irrigation “water bottle”, for sanitation and comfort. Using toilet paper in sensitive areas may not be possible for days. This is a nice solution.
  • Inflatable donut, to ease discomfort while sitting.
  • Warm water sitz bath, to help ease discomfort and relax you.

Finding A “New Normal”

After you’ve had a baby, it isn’t unusual to wonder when you’ll return to “normal”. As you grow into parenthood and adjust to having a new baby, you can expect to find a “new normal” in the days that follow delivery.

As our providers tell it, it can take up to a year to feel like yourself again. But don’t be discouraged: there are self-care steps you can take.

Connecting women to other women is part of our mission. That’s why we’re partnering with Moms on the Run this summer. Moms on the Run is a structured fitness program for all ages and levels that rolls in cardio, strength, and stretching — all in an hour. The group meets at various local parks during the week, including Maple Grove, Plymouth, and Blaine.

Watch These Helpful Postpartum Videos

In the following videos, our providers share insights into ways you can care for yourself through food, exercise, and more.

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Mental Health

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